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A collector raised in a family of collectors. Sports, movies, books, natural history, magic . . . I love it all.

Absolutely magical!

One of the great benefits of collecting posters is that you can actually use them as decoration. Frame up a great poster and you’ve created a spectacular display for your home or office. Plus, there is an unending variety of … Continue reading

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5 Random Things In My Office

Collecting comes in all shapes and sizes. There are people who collect for investment, people who collect for pleasure, and people who collect as a diversion. Nor is it always about money. Sometimes we collect because something holds a memory … Continue reading

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Did You Catch Olympic Fever?

The┬áSummer Olympics are barely over, and already people have begin capitalizing on Olympic fever. Want an Olympic gold medal? Check out ebay (there seems to be an abundant amount of medals from the 2004 games in Athens). From a collecting … Continue reading

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The journey begins . . .

My first blog post! My name is Doug, and I’m a collector. I was raised in a family of collectors, with extremely varied interests. I’m hoping my experience in building collections, creating displays, and crafting narratives allow me to share … Continue reading


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